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the smoke has cleared but i can't s e e

comes with a warning label.
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D E M Y X ; aka ZACK, LOTS-OF-THINGS-CHAN, and DEMMY-KUN. total total dork. doesn't make sense. wishes she was cool. made of fail. inhumanly shy. pretty quiet unless hyper. frequently found either high on air or a little emo. uke-chan is going to kill you and your mom... twice. <8D|-\ ghei's up everything. and does not like it when said ghei is denied. gets stalked by bunnies!!1!! (among other things) has this obviously badass imaginary flamethrower. has a semi-friends only journal. comment to be added. ( seriously. i won't add you if you don't comment. i won't realize you're friending me in the first place. snort. )
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Userinfo image by me (neroitis) for me. However, I do not take credit for the art -- which is given to an unknown credit.
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advent children, akuroku, ancient cultures, ancient history, animals, anime, anime icons, art, axel, ayumi hamasaki, azumanga daioh, basketball, being different, bishounen, bunnies, cameras, chinese food, chocolate, comics, computers, crack pairings, creativity, d. gray-man, daydreaming, death note, demyx, detective conan, dir en grey, dirge of cerberus, dogs, dolphins, doodling, drawing, dreaming, dreams, evanescence, fanart, fanfiction, ff7, ff7 mysteries, ffvii, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, foreign languages, foreign music, foxes, foxtrot, fruits basket, furuba, gravitation, greek mythology, hamsters, hawaii, horse back-riding, horses, icons, imagination, individuality, internet, j-pop, japan, japanese, japanese food, japanese music, kh2, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom hearts ii, larxene, lexaeus, lightning, loveless, luxord, manga, marluxia, megatokyo, mermaid saga, moonlight, my chemical romance, mythology, nature, neroitis, nightwish, ocean, old nickelodeon shows, onegai twins, organization xiii, pancakes, pandas, parodies, penguins, photoshop, pimp!vincent, pirates of the caribbean, play station 2, rain, ramen, ritsuka, role playing, roleplaying, romeo and juliet, roxas, saix, saix! at the disco, sarcasm, saïx, seimei, sephiroth x tamaki, shounen-ai, soriku, soubi, square enix, squeenix, sr-71, strawberries, stuff, sum 41, swimming, switchfoot, the nightmare before christmas, the sims, thunder, thunderstorms, tigers, tokyo babylon, turks, uke-chan, uke-chan = kanda, vexen, video games, vincent, vincent = kaa-san, volleyball, waterfalls, waterslides, whales, wolves, x, x/1999, xaldin, xemnas, xigbar, yaoi, yotsuba&!, yu yu hakusho, yuri, zack x cloud, zexion,