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this ride has just b e g u n ;


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Heh, back. ♥

My foot is feeling much better since I last posted, however, I cannot run or do sports and etc. It got a bruise today? Huh, didn't feel a thing. My trip was ... eh. ;| Blew pretty much all of it on youtube watching anime and crap.

• I only watched the X anime because of Seishirou and Subaru. I was ready to screech at how horrible it started off! >:| But then I like it... After Seishirou died. >.> Pssh. Uh anyway. ;x TB cast aside I am becoming more and more of a fangirl of Nekoi, Sorata, a-and Kakyou. MOSTLY KAKYOU. D: I found it so sad CLAMP was so desperate to deny their ghei that Seishirou couldn't even say completely "Hontou ni ahishiteru, Subaru-kun." Or something. DX

• Watched Kannazuki no Miko. Giant robots = NO THANK YOU. D: So I went to Get Backers~ That show. Is. So. Much. Love! *o* I-I do not care what anyone says. I love Shido. He makes me spazz so hardcore. ;////////;

• Watched the Final Mix stuffies! I -heart- them. Marlu omg. ♥ A-and the Zack wannabe...!!!

Not many days of spring break left... sigh. ;x

AH RIGHT. Happy Easter/Good Friday/Passover to those who celebrate!
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zack → just once is all i need

I want to touch the light, the heat I see in your eyes.


No, I'm not feeling particularly spazzy. :\ Calm actually. Hush. Though this song really makes me want to dance. Like, badly. Hurrrr reminds me of Kurama IS THIS BAD? D:

Hurrrr. I want a Seishirou muse. Badly badly. >_>;;;; But I'm dead in the CLAMP world ahahah. Whatev. WHICH IS A BETTER USERNAME? ;D treeseatpeople or gay_blossoms???? HUH HUH?

...SR-71 makes me want to cry. I STILL CANNOT GET OVER IN MY MIND HERE. ;-; Oh oh oh and guess what. Square LIED TO US ALL. 8| Oh yes they did~ CLOUD WAS SUPPOSED TO PUT FLOWERS AT ZACK'S GRAVE IN AC AND DIDN'T. Bastard! >:\ In the trailer there WERE flowers there but in the movie, they weren't! Gapseth, Cloud you dumbbutt. WELL IT GAVE ME PLOTBUNNIES SO~ i guess that makes it okay. 08D

Hum~ I still can't believe I'm on spring break, it still feels like I have to do homework!1!!!11!1 and that I have to go to bed at a reasonable time. But I don't! This is win. 83

I UPDATED MY USERINFO. 8D IT'S PRETTY, YES? Will change colours another time~ and add a homg!banner.

...I want gummy worms. Gimme gummy worms plz. ♥

ANYWAY. How about a meme? ;\

Ask my characters about each (or any) of the following:
- Friends
- Sex
- Music
- Drugs
- Love
- Obsessions
- Porn
- The Future

It can be as personal/rude/whatever as you'd like, embarrassing muses = fun! >8D So~ go on~ have fun. ♥

My characters; found here. ;D I'm too lazy to write them all out and AHHA i have too many. ;.; But they are all my babies SO IT'S OKAY~
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zack → just once is all i need

come, cover me with y o u ;


for realz.

I mean. He's nice. And then dies for people. ;\

Oh yes I am still spazzing over the trailer and the NEW SCANS OMG LKSDFKSDFHLAKDHF and the LAST NAME!!1!!1!1! a-and i... i am in love. ♥♥♥

Life is not too interesting right now, minus the fact that omg! I have a field trip tomorrow! 8DDD ...But that still is boring. D; S-s-someone remind me to update forsaken_icons before I have 100 Crisis Core icons kthx.
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cloud → this ride has just begun

when the world was y o u n g e r ;

spkfdshpifsdihiofdsiofio. MY EXISTANCE AS AN FF7 FANGIRL IS CHANGED. FOREVAH. I got BORED!!11!1 and booted OFF of FF7 ( lulz ) AND SO. I went to wikipedia, right~? WELL. >8| It implied that Red XIII-chan HAD KIDS. Or has a wifey. Or both. ... ... That or just is a manwhore pimp. ;x I AM SCARRED KTHXBAI.
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zack → just once is all i need

don't make me cry now, you make me feel g o o d ;

D-do I get cookies for being a good LJ person and actually checking this place everyday? ;o; I'm trying to be better about comments, honest! ;x

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zack → just once is all i need

omoidaseba haruka, h a r u k a ;

Hmmm, nothing uber!big has happened in the past few days aside from me... Actually using a phone~? GASPETH.

...Sigh. I want to replay KH1 badly right now. Like... really badly.

Photobucket eat'd everything. Can't ... update the icon journal, fsck. Really wanted to. Photoshop's not working anyway, and I want to make some more FF icons before I do dump anythin'. ...And I've got that weird.. whatchimacall it... OST Challenge thing for GJ, and stuff.

KH2 manga made me want to cry. AXEEEEEEEEL. ;________;

But uh, long story short~ MEME TIME! >:D I'm so cool~ I stole it from GJ, hur hur.

1. Comment with any character or pairing from a fandom that you know I like, or at least have some knowledge of.

2. I will ramble for about 100 words (I may go over a bit) about the aforementioned character or pairing. This may be incoherent gushing or exclamations of disgust, depending on what it is.

3. Put this on your LJ, if you are so inclined.

Do as many of these as you want. You can also do pairing/characters that I dislike; it's all cool~
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